orn on September 8,  1912 in Bakersfield, California. , Captain James Edward Robinson (Alexander Shirley) lived his entire life in California  excepting the several years during WW2 when he served in the Army Air Corps in England.

In 1941 he was working as an Assistant Manager at Dean Witter & Co. in San Francisco, returning each evening to Lafayette where he shared a home with his wife Justine and 2 yr. old daughter Monica.  Within months of the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, he enlisted in the Army and began a 7-month training course in Victorville, California  to become a pilot.

He spent from October 26, 1942  until March 2, 1946  in the 8th Air Force from training in Victorville  to various  English  and Scottish bases .  His training prepared him to fly several different airplanes including the B17, B26, P38 and C47.  He flew gasoline to General Patton and nearly lost his life flying a B17 on a bombing raid over Germany.     At the end of the WW2, he returned to a Separation Center at Camp Beale near Marysville, California to complete his tour of duty.

Because of needs on his wife’s family farm in Woodlake, California , he changed his career and became a citrus grower.  When he retired from farming, he took up his favorite career of all – golfing.   At the Visalia Country Club, he was fondly known as “the General”…